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Can I site a Tiny House on my own land?

In England and Wales, planning laws are quite strict, and are not so friendly towards the siting of caravans and mobile homes to be used as a dwelling. Contrary to popular belief, any structure right down to a tarpaulin strung between trees will need planning if used as a permanent dwelling. In the UK, like many other countries, a Tiny House on wheels is seen exactly the same as a caravan or mobile home. At the moment, any legislation you see regarding siting of a caravan or Mobile Home, also will apply to a Tiny House. Depending where you...

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Building your own?.. You’ll need a trailer

For anyone planning to build a Tiny House, no matter what design and materials you have in mind, you’ll need a good solid road legal trailer as the base. Simply getting your mate to weld one together will be difficult, as to be used on the UK roads, it will need to have  a DVSA test before you are able to take out on the street, even before you start the Tiny House project. Luckily there is a UK company importing suitable trailers from The Netherlands, they come complete with EU compliancy. Tiny House Scotland, have had the foresight...

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Marjolein, Tiny House Pioneer

One of the inspirations in the the Tiny House community in Europe is Marjolein Jonker who not only lives in her Tiny House in The Netherlands, but seems to spend most of her time promoting the Tiny House movement and giving advice to people who are thinking about going into Tiny House living. Having spent time since 2015 building and siting her Tiny House, she is well qualified to answer many questions on Tiny House living, especially in The Netherlands, but so many aspects of Tiny House living transfer to anywhere in the World.   You’ll find her website...

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Solar Powered Shepherds Hut

At a tranquil site on a farm in Devon, Victoria & Mike have taken the plunge and sited a large Shepherds Hut as a holiday home for up to 4 people comfortably to stay in. Being in central Devon, access to either the North or South Devon coasts are easy from here, and coupled with fine far ranging views across the Devon countryside, the location is hard to beat.   Getting power to the remotely located Hut to operate lights and other lower power appliances, not to mention the small sewage plant pump, (you’ll not find any smelly chemical...

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Shepherds Hut or Tiny House?

Use of Shepherd Huts as a studio or spare room for guests has increased in recent years, with many company’s having now started building them for clients. Tiny Houses are an extension of that idea with extra innovation for comfortable living. We cover both types of living space here at The newer concept of a Tiny House provides all the items you will need in modern day to day living all year. Though designed to be cosy, they are also designed for people to live in. Shepherds Huts will normally be used for recreation. Both have their niche,...

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