As many of you guys will know, getting to site a Tiny House in the UK is fraught with planning problems. Even if you own the land, your local planning office will be difficult about you using it as a long term dwelling.

There is a process to follow, but it can be long winded and sometimes, when your housing answer is to simply build a Tiny House and live in it, you’ve not got the luxury of time to plug away filling forms and waiting for months for permission to locate it.

Help Rebekah to move to getting a reasonable system in place for anyone who wants to build and live in a Tiny House on their own land, or indeed any land that has full permission. Go see This Link  to sign the petition, it will help things along.

The current planning system is fair and designed to stop people from wrecking the countryside with a trail of ill conceived houses and projects. However, a few tweaks are needed to make provision for guys whose best option (for a variety of reasons), is the Tiny House.

I anticipate, that like mobile home parks, Tiny Homes will have the facility for allocated parks for people to live in a like minded community. This concept is available now, but still needs planning approval and someone brave enough to buy some land and take a chance to be the first in the UK.