For anyone planning to build a Tiny House, no matter what design and materials you have in mind, you’ll need a good solid road legal trailer as the base.

Simply getting your mate to weld one together will be difficult, as to be used on the UK roads, it will need to have  a DVSA test before you are able to take out on the street, even before you start the Tiny House project. Luckily there is a UK company importing suitable trailers from The Netherlands, they come complete with EU compliancy.tinyhousescotland

Tiny House Scotland, have had the foresight to work out a deal with Vlemmix Aanhangwagens and you’re able to order a number of sizes, depending on your project requirements, and collect from Tiny House Scotland when available. Easy and less hassle than a DIY welding project.

All these trailers are maximum legal width of 8 feet (or 2.4 metres), with 3 different lengths to choose from.

Costs for a complete trailer start at £4295 . Click the link for Tiny House Scotland