The whole Tiny House movement across the USA and Europe has been pushed forward by rising house prices and people not being able to afford even the high cost of a deposit payment.

A Tiny House can get you around the problem the whole problem using ingenious design ideas to enable you to have a whole house with a comfy bed, kitchen, a pl

ace to relax and use read/watch tv/catch with Facebook. Now admittedly, there are compomises. Space is the big one, but as long you are not obsessed with hoarding loads of stuff, a typical Tiny House will give you enough space for your clothes and other gear.

This website as it develops will give you some great ideas, places to go for parts right through to a whole ready built Tiny House.

Bookmark this page and check back regularly. We will be expanding this site providing a UK resource.

Contact me at if you have some great input on your project progress or maybe would like to advertise.