Use of Shepherd Huts as a studio or spare room for guests has increased in recent years, with many company’s having now started building them for clients. Tiny Houses are an extension of that idea with extra innovation for comfortable living. We cover both types of living space here at

The newer concept of a Tiny House provides all the items you will need in modern day to day living all year. Though designed to be cosy, they are also designed for people to live in. Shepherds Huts will normally be used for recreation. Both have their niche, and both can be excellent spaces to be in.

shepherd hut interior

The Shepherds Hut has a feel of nostalgia together with that feeling of a cosy space to be comfortable in. In the UK, we have a love of vintage things, and a Shepherds Hut can be a Vintage style accommodation which lends itself perfectly to being filled with Vintage things to use.

We will be listing all the good Shepherds Hut suppliers and builders in the UK, and will welcome reviews from you guys. In addition, we will be visiting Shepherd Hut builders in the near future to give you an insight into the craftsmanship involved in recreating quality accommodation.

In addition, ideas for interiors will be welcomed. If you have some photo’s of your Hut, send them over to me at and we can put together a whole article dedicated to your Hut.

The large image above features a Shepherds Hut made by Blackdown Shepherd Huts based in Somerset.