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Tiny House Jamboree, Almere, Amsterdam,

If you want to get some great ideas for your Tiny House project, the best resource this year will be the Tiny House Jamboree in Almere, Netherlands. For more information, see THIS LINKĀ  There are going to be 20 Tiny Houses from all over the Netherlands along with food and music, a festival atmosphere. Plus we can see around the houses and talk to the owners and designers. Not to worry if you are not able to make it, as we’ll be there talking to all the 20 Tiny House owners and taking loads of photo’s. All the projects...

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Sign the petition..

As many of you guys will know, getting to site a Tiny House in the UK is fraught with planning problems. Even if you own the land, your local planning office will be difficult about you using it as a long term dwelling. There is a process to follow, but it can be long winded and sometimes, when your housing answer is to simply build a Tiny House and live in it, you’ve not got the luxury of time to plug away filling forms and waiting for months for permission to locate it. Help Rebekah to move to getting...

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So you are thinking of getting a Tiny House in the UK?

The whole Tiny House movement across the USA and Europe has been pushed forward by rising house prices and people not being able to afford even the high cost of a deposit payment. A Tiny House can get you around the problem the whole problem using ingenious design ideas to enable you to have a whole house with a comfy bed, kitchen, a pl ace to relax and use read/watch tv/catch with Facebook. Now admittedly, there are compomises. Space is the big one, but as long you are not obsessed with hoarding loads of stuff, a typical Tiny House...

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